Taking place over a banquet table setup in The Beaufort’s backroom, our final bartender masterclass, in conjunction with Schweppes, provided participants with some key cocktail mixing tricks.

First up, host Dave Kerr educated us about the importance of fresh and fragrant cocktail garnishes, which provide an appealing aroma on the nose before the drink hits your lips. Be it a sprig of mint, lime wedge or lemon peel, cocktails are always bettered with their addition.

Next, we were taught that more is in fact more when it comes to ice. If you’re holding a drink with floating ice cubes, chances are your drink has poorly diluted, and the flavour balance is therefore out of sync. (If mixing cocktails at home, defeat this issue by using Tupperware containers to create large ice blocks and break apart with a hammer).

Finally, we learnt that a little sugar syrup goes a long way to improve the outcome of many beverages. That said, remember to whip yours up by stirring one part sugar to one part water in the absence of heat to really improve the molecular balance of your cocktail making staple.

Although not overly groundbreaking, we learnt that these vital tips do contain their own scientific importance and are easily translatable in home experiments. Simply apply this logic to the creation of all cocktails and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a DIY master.

Many thanks to Dave Kerr and The Beaufort for providing inspiring banter and gifting some master knowledge.

Recipes from the day are below, but for more creative inspiration simply visit Cocktail Revolution HQ.


• 30ml London dry gin (Tanqueray)
• Schweppes Indian tonic water
• fresh lime
• ice

Pour the gin into a highball, followed by a lime wedge, making sure to squeeze the juice out into the glass for citric balance. Next, half fill the glass with tonic water, top up with ice, add extra tonic water if needed and garnish with another fresh lime wedge to finish.

Spiced Rum and Dry (Twist on a London Buck Highball)

• 45ml spiced rum (Sailor Jerry)
• 20ml lime juice
• ice
• Schweppes dry ginger ale

Pour the rum and lime juice into a highball glass. Fill with ice, top up with dry ginger ale and garnish with a lime wedge.


• 45ml 100% agave reposado tequila (Jose Cuervo Traditional)
• 50ml fresh grapefruit juice
• 20ml lime juice
• 20 ml sugar syrup
• Schweppes Agrum citrus blend
• ice
• salt rim (optional)

Pour the tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, shake and then strain into a glass. Fill the glass with ice, top up with Schweppes Agrum citrus blend and garnish with a lime wedge to finish.