Regular patrons of The Famous Spiegeltent are used to a whole host of unusual offerings and events, but two musical cooking masterclasses that cross cultural divides may just take the cake.

Coinciding with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Pierrick Boyer, chef and patissier at Le Petit Gateau, will host Macaron Luau with the Hawaiian-inspired Ukeladies, while Saké’s executive chef Shaun Presland presents a sushi ragamuffin session with Australian reggae sensation Mista Savona Soundsystem.

Presland solidified his life-long love of reggae while working in Nobu’s Bahamas outpost. “I always held Rastas in high regard, but thought they just sat around all day smoking dope. There’s a lot more to it – it’s a very intense culture,” he says. “I’ve got a lot of respect for them.”

A huge Bob Marley fan, Presland loves the sound system at Saké, insisting that music is the perfect accompaniment to hard work in the kitchen. “If you’re happy, you make happy food,” he says.

He’ll create ‘Rasta Rolls’ and use jerk sauce for dipping, while bouncing off Mista Savona Soundsystem. “What gets hard about demos is that you have to talk the whole time, otherwise it feels awkward,” says Presland. “I’m hoping that with some really cool beats behind us, there will be pauses where I just let the music speak.”

All the while, Boyer, a regular visitor to Hawaii, will reveal his ‘Mai Tai Macaron’, a tropical take on Marie Antoinette’s favourite snack. It’s worlds away from Versailles, where Boyer grew up, not to mention Melbourne’s arts precinct. “It’s an unusual setting,” he says of The Famous Spiegeltent. “When I look at my desserts, as a chef, I don’t want to be like everyone else. I had to be involved.”

Macaron Luau with Pierrick Boyer and the Ukeladies is on at The Famous Spiegeltent on March 2. Sushi Ragamuffin with Shaun Presland, featuring Mista Savona Soundsystem, is on March 9. Tickets from $45.