What happens when you ask over 40 of Melbourne’s most talented chefs, writers and artists to find inspiration in their suburb and creatively interpret their surroundings? You get a cookbook that takes you into each suburb and shows you the heart that beats below the concrete, a glimpse into the essence that makes each place unique. It’s a cookbook with more soul than Percy Sledge.

There are only 500 copies of the limited edition, not-for-profit publication. Each edition meticulously letterpress printed by hand at the Melbourne Museum of Printing. A painstakingly tedious practice facilitated by the very patient people at Wolfgang, Shlomo and Max. The end result is ten suburb-inspired chapters brought to life through artwork, short stories and recipes. Wolfgang has done an exceptional job capturing the identity of each suburb and translating it onto the pages of this unbound publication.

The mixed bag of chefs echo the culinary diverse, multicultural society that is Melbourne. Recipes from internationally renowned names like Stephanie Alexander, Robert Castellani and Andrew McConnell sit next to the unknown talents that only locals would know about. This is the kind of cookbook you really want to have in your kitchen, but don’t want to get flour and eggs suck on the pages.

The original prints and charming short stories coupled with the scrumptious recipes will inspire the inner chef in all of us- even those who’s culinary repertoire doesn’t extend much past toast. All profits will go directly to Second Bite an organisation that collects and redistributes over 70,000kg of surplus food to agencies and people in need every year. The limited edition COOKBOOK, one, two, three published last year by Wolfgang, Shlomo and Max was heralded a wild success and quickly sold out, and we suspect COOKBOOK north/south will follow suit.

COOKBOOK north/south is being launched at Craft Victoria on Monday 29 November. It will be available from 30 November at Craft Victoria and through Wolfgang, Shlomo and Max for $100.