The connection between this city and its food is truly remarkable. Broadsheet covers culture across the board, but it’s our stories about Melbourne’s restaurants, cafes and bars that really resonate. We founded Broadsheet to help you go out and experience the best of Australia’s cities, and discover these amazing venues with us. Now, we want to help you experience them by staying in.

This month marks the launch of our first Broadsheet Cookbook. Two of them, in fact; one each for Melbourne and Sydney.

The concept is simple, and familiar to anyone who knows us: a celebration of our favourite recipes from Melbourne and Sydney's best cafes, restaurants and bars. Each book contains about 80 recipes from more than 60 places loved in both cities.

We have hundreds of great restaurants, but settling on which ones to include was just the beginning. The stories of wrangling recipes from our city’s chefs could fill a book of their own. Some sat with us and went through every step in detail, while some sent last-minute scrawls on the back of a napkin via iPhone. We tested (and tasted) every single one. Then, instead of heading for a studio, we photographed each dish coming together during service in restaurant kitchens across the city.

The result is a cookbook that gives you the tools to take what makes this city great and recreate it at home. Being alongside our favourite chefs in their own kitchens, we sought to capture the buzz of each venue, in the same way we do every day on Broadsheet.

To capture that energy, we enlisted photographer Mark Roper and stylist Deborah Kaloper. Once we had the dishes, we sat down with every chef to find out what makes each one unique. These conversations form the introduction to each recipe.

The result is two beautifully curated and photographed books that bring the city's most iconic dishes to your dining-room table. The books include forewords by Andrew McConnell in Melbourne and Maurice Terzini in Sydney, and a directory explaining where the chefs and restaurateurs source their produce.

They’re something we’re very proud of and we can’t wait to show them to you.

Pre-order The Broadsheet Melbourne or Sydney Cookbook at and you’ll receive one of the very first copies when it lands in November.