The Welcome To Group, which manages Welcome to Thornbury, and Brunswick Mess Hall, is partnering with Sydney brewery 4 Pines for its next venue, 4 Pines Welcome to Brunswick – a sustainability-focused food truck park.

“What we’re aiming for ... is no waste to landfill. The only waste on-site at this point is basically waste that the customers bring in,” says co-owner Scott Assender, who has also worked with the 100 Burgers Group (Belle’s Hot Chicken, Mr Burger and Murmur).

Solar panels and a giant anaerobic digester are being installed, too. The digester processes food scraps and anything compostable into biofertilizer that can then power the venue.

The 450-person venue, made with recycled and reclaimed materials, will have multiple bars and exclusive beers from 4 Pines across its 28 taps, and more than 18 varieties of beer. A daily rotation of food trucks – such as Woking Amazing, Nem N’ Nem and Mr Burger – will serve snacks in compostable packaging before a re-usable plate system is introduced.

4 Pines Welcome to Brunswick will also host regular events to educate customers about sustainable practices. Events planned so far include Pick Up For A Pint (a weekly neighbourhood tidy-up) and Bikes For Brunswick, where old and broken bikes will be fixed for anyone who needs a ride.

“We’re just trying to be better. Traditionally the hospitality industry has not been great in this area,” says Assender. “We’re locals and we have kids who go to local schools. If we can be the best example in this area, and then hopefully in Melbourne, it’s something to be pretty proud of.”

4 Pines Welcome to Brunswick is scheduled to open in late 2019.