Sometimes, just when you find your feet, the world decides to gnocch’ you down.

As is the case with James Eddy, who operates Collingwood’s hole-in-the-wall gnocchi cave, Good Gnocchi, on Langridge Street.

Eddy took over his Dad’s old cafe in March to sling foil containers of gnocchi and slabs of garlic bread. So far the business has been a roaring success, but Good Gnocchi’s lease will expire in December. Given Eddy’s family history with the property, he’s sad to see it go.

“It’s not the end of the world, it’s just that the Collingwood shop has meant a lot to us over the last four or five years. So I don’t really want to give that up,” says Eddy. “We’ve just had it for a long time. That’s pretty much where I went after I finished school, after year 10.”

But Eddy isn’t letting the news get him down – his tiny gnocchi empire is expanding. “It’s a gnocchi takeover,” he says.

In addition to the Collingwood shop, you can also try Good Gnocchi at the newly opened Milney’s on Brunswick Street, run by Monty Mullooly-Hill (co-owner of Monty’s and Bar Romantica), and Eddy’s negotiating a contract on a city spot too. It’s satellite operations like these he hopes to continue with. If you have an empty kitchen, he’s open to offers.

Good Gnocchi’s Langridge Street lease expires on December 16.

This article was updated at 7.39pm on July 16.