Crime reporting is not something we usually do at Broadsheet, but with a year’s supply of free coffee from St ALi North on the line, we got our best people on the case.

Here’s the information we have so far. In the dead hours last night, the perpetrators jimmied the lock on the front door of the unopened St ALi North and stole the cafe’s pride and joy- their brand new twin Synesso Hydro coffee machines. The thieves took nothing but the machines indicating the robbery was planned.

Placing their value at around $45,000 Matt Perger, St Ali North’s head barista, says it’s a little like stealing a pink Ferrari. “They have serial numbers on them, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

The thieves acted quickly and cleanly, under the cover of darkness. There was no broken glass or cutlery splayed on the ground, just a vacant space on the coffee counter and an eerie emptiness at the premises on Capital City Trail.

Interestingly a similar thing happened at Campos in Sydney just last month. It seems that instead of stealing old ladies handbags or skimming ATM’s, thieves are jumping on the coffee bandwagon and going straight for the baristas prized machines.

According to Perger, St Ali North is still on track to open next Tuesday, thanks to a few generous local suppliers who’ve lent them new machines.

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We need to stop these imprudent coffee machine thieves and we need your help. It will be near impossible for the thieves to sell the machine in Melbourne without authorities being alerted. The machines serial numbers are 306121440 & 307121481, if a man in a white van offers you a good deal on new Synesso maybe give St ALi or the cops a buzz.

Let’s turn this saint’s frown into a smile.

If you have any information, please email Matt Perger and if you solve the case, you win a year’s worth of free coffee from St. ALi or St ALi North.

St ALi North
815 Nicholson Street, Carlton North