As if coffee-obsessed Melburnians didn’t need more to boast about, last week it was announced that the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (owners of the excellent acronym, MICE), in conjunction with World Coffee Events, will be hosting the World Barista Championship and World Brewer’s Cup in 2013.

The eyes of the international coffee scene will be thrust upon us next year. Though it seems a slightly daunting thought, those in the industry are surely comfortable and excited by the decision. “The upcoming WBC allows Melbourne to share and celebrate our thriving coffee culture with the rest of the coffee loving world,” says Market Lane’s head of education and development, Jenni Bryant. “Hosting so many passionate professionals from all over the world and sharing with them what we do here is a really exciting opportunity – we cannot wait.”

Welcoming competitors from over 50 countries, the annual competition is recognised as the most prestigious in the industry. Aside from our renowned coffee culture, Melbourne is also able to boast this year’s Brewer’s Cup Winner, Matt Perger. Formerly of Hawthorn’s Axil and currently residing at South Melbourne staple, St ALi, Perger also placed third at the 2011 World Barista Championships in Colombia.

The younger sibling of the Barista Championships, the Brewer’s Cup shines a light on the more recent explosion that speciality coffee has seen and the champions behind it. It’s no secret the speciality coffee scene in Melbourne is among the world’s best, with more and more cafes offering up brewed options to the masses and recent creations like Mark W Free’s Black Coffee Pop Up.

Suffice to say, it seems the competitions will find a happy home in Melbourne come 2013.