The Galley Room, one of the city's best new cocktail bars, is tucked in between The Waterside Hotel and The Deck, neither of which alludes to the quality offerings available within.

An All-Star bartending team is headed up by multi-award winning Jason Williams. It’s evident that the owners have gone out of their way to create a bar worthy of awards. With a name like The Galley Room, they would be remiss not to have an incredible rum selection. The back-bar selection is a nod to the nautical past of Rum and the knowledgeable staff are more than willing to impart their wisdom and guidance.

The seasonally changing cocktail list proves that this is a cocktail bar capable of providing the full package. Perfectly balanced in all aspects, with odes to classics and a nod to the future with some clever molecular mixology, the list is the work of true professionals.

The expansive black leather booths that surround the area are not only striking in appearance, they’re amazingly comfortable. With a well-priced tapas menu, table service and an enclosed fireplace, you could find yourself settling in here for the long haul.

The vibe in here varies from a Friday afternoon corporate wind-down to a comfortable warm-up for Saturday debauchery in and around King St. At all times, it’s a far cry from what’s happening above and below it. They have managed to create a strange oasis in a desert of punters who could care little for the intricacies of a Martini or a Manhattan.

The Galley Room
Level One, 510 Flinders Street

Opening Hours:
Tue-Wed 4pm-late Thu-Fri 12pm–late Sat 6pm–late.