The Bortolotto family has been part of the Melbourne hospitality industry for the past 40 years. Since 2006, its Flinders Lane restaurant, Cecconi’s, has sat handsomely at number 61, where Langton’s Wine Bar once lived. And as the family celebrates the 16th birthday of Cecconi’s, the Bortolotto’s brought in Mollard Interiors to give the dining space a contemporary refresh.

Emphasising bold blacks, clean whites and patented brass, the redesigned room flows effortlessly from the casual cellar bar into the formal dining room, with the theme following right through to the kitchenware and menus.

Existing timber tables have been whitewashed and copper trimmed, while a commemorative wall display of photos celebrates the history of the Bortolotto family. Copper sconces adorn the walls and striking, low-hanging hemispherical light pendants define each room. The featured banquettes have been reupholstered in a dramatic geometric fabric, and black bentwood chairs make for an inviting place to sit and take in the sophisticated ambience with a half bottle of Italian wine, or a cocktail for any mood.

The food, however, remains at the same standard. Daniel Kranjcic, known for the talent he brought to Pearl in London and his stint at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, heads the open-plan kitchen. For the past 12 years Cecconi’s has been growing seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs such as figs, eggplants and garlic to help create dishes such as the signature seafood linguine, veal cotoletta with slaw and twice-cooked duck.

61 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Phone: (03) 8663 0500

Cellar Bar
Mon to Fri 7:30am to 11:30pm

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