If you’ve visited the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm on the Mornington Peninsula to try their famous ‘u-pick’ strawberries still hot from the summer sun, then you’ll know how delicious these little red gems can be. What you might not know is that they also make a pretty good cider. So good, in fact, that it’s beginning to rival the apple varieties that have become so popular for the hotter months.

Third generation strawberry farmer Matt Gallace and his wife Ruth (CEO of their multi-award winning fruit winery, Rebello Wines) put their heads and expertise together just a few short months ago to create a berry cider range, using berries from Sunny Ridge. What resulted was Australia’s first 100 per cent pure fruit blended cider range, Cheeky Rascal.

The innovative cider proved so popular that it sold out before they had even bottled their first batch. That was 12 months ago and now the range of seven berry ciders is finally available at premium liquor outlets across Australia.

“We decided to use the fresh local berries at the farm, combined with apples and pears from other parts of Victoria, and without using concentrate, flavourings, colours or additives,” says Matt. “A real premium quality Aussie fruit blended cider, which everyone can enjoy.”

Who knew berries from Mornington could upset the apple cart?