One of our favourite projects during the State of Design Festival this year (other than the Micro Kitchen by Broadsheet & A Friend of Mine) was the Chasing Kitsune Japanese food truck.

Designed by HASSELL architects and fitted out by Schiavello furniture, Chasing Kitsune is a mobile food truck inspired by those found in Japan. Launched down a city lane and hidden at various locations around Melbourne for the duration of the festival, part of the fun of this project was just locating the truck. To find it you had to download the festival iPhone app and track the truck’s locale. Once you got there, you were rewarded with sake, beer and Japanese dishes, whipped up in the back of the truck by St Ali’s MoPho Noodle Bar.

The Chasing Kitsune truck was constructed as a temporary fit-out of a rental truck for this unique project, making it a simple exercise to switch between vehicles. It has its own structural framing and floor, within which everything – including the joinery, extendable canopy and wiring – is housed. Now that the project has come to an end, the concept, brand and truck interior is for sale.

The brand has been established on Facebook and Twitter, with a multitude of foodie and design articles and support from Melbourne City Council, State of Design Festival and the State Government/Arts Victoria. So essentially, the new owner of this food truck can hit the ground running with a mobile food business.

The equipment includes a three-door, under-bar fridge, three induction cooktops, double yakitori grill plate, a salamander, a steamer and a soup terrine, all of which are electric. The entire fit-out has been given certification by an electrician and the health department has also signed off. So it’s literally ready to roll.

Interested parties with an offer can email Rebecca at, until Friday 7 October.