You’ve donned the outfit, you’ve booked the table, you’ve entered the sweepstakes or you’ve done none of these things. Either way, what’s the one thing you’re missing this Melbourne Cup Day? Why, champagne gelato of course, brought to you for one day only by Messina and G.H. Mumm, official champagne sponsors of the Melbourne Cup.

The delicate concoction is the Mummssina Surprise; a “pearl luster white chocolate teardrop-shaped dessert,” filled with one half passion fruit vanilla gel and the other half, champagne sorbet.

“It’s like a reinterpretation of the bellini and instead of having peach, we have passionfruit,” explains Messina co-founder Simone Panetta of the limited-edition creation. “Both the sorbet and passionfruit are a little acidic, so we decided to use white chocolate to add a bit of sweetness. It’s a good combination of sweet and sour.”

So if you find yourself inside the birdcage, make like French high society and head to the G.H. Mumm Cote D’Azur marquee to sample the surprise, along with strawberries and French vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, if you’re kicking about in the inner north, dip into the Smith Street Messina store to get a taste of luxury without having to spend a morning working out what to wear.

And how close does the Champagne sorbet itself come to the real thing? Well, says Panetta, “it’s like having a frozen glass of Mumm Champagne”.

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street, Fitzroy