In a massive undercover structure at Mayura Station, built into the side of an excavated hill, the cattle rest at will, protected from the elements of the Limestone Coast of South Australia. They are sleeping on soft sawdust and listening to relaxing music (Enya, perhaps?) after a big grain feed.

With this in mind, Belle’s Diner introduces you to Cat’s Midnight Burger! Made from full blooded Wagyu mince from dreamy Mayura Station, with a runny egg at its heart, topped with double smoked bacon and melted gruyere cheese and a generous lash of house made jalapeno mayo, it is cradled by crisp lettuce and couched in a fresh brioche bun and includes the options of pineapple and beetroot relish. Cat’s Midnight Burger will help you either drift off to sleep or bring your night to life – as it has done for me too many times to count. And that is why it is my favourite burger. It is both a lifesaver and an edible dreamboat.

Makes 1 burger

1 brioche burger bun
120g Wagyu mince
1 tbls diner onion mix
salt and pepper
1 egg
1 slice of gruyere cheese
1 tbls mayonnaise with diced jalapeno
1 rash of double smoked bacon

pineapple, sliced
beetroot relish ?

Mix onion into 120g of Wagyu mince. Roll burger into a ball and press out to desired shape. Cut a hole in the middle of burger, large enough to fit an egg. Grill burger on one side, flip over and crack the egg into the hole. Grill bacon until golden brown. Let the egg seal on the bottom and lift burger onto tray. Place cheese on top and grill until melted, ensuring that the egg is still runny.

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Lightly toast bun and spread mayo on each side. Assemble burger with bun, lettuce, burger pattie with egg and bacon. Enjoy!