Ben Carwyn has had the same problem for quite some time now: he can’t get a table at his own bar, Carwyn Cellars.

It’s been three years since he converted the stock room at the bottle shop into a bar, and space has always been an issue. So he acquired the building next door in April 2015 and slowly enlarged and reconfigured the whole venue.

Now the final phase is complete and guests can enjoy a drink outside, in an Astroturfed beer garden. The new 60-patron area lifts the bar’s capacity to 140 people.

Apart from being a great place to enjoy the sun, the beer garden will also be used to hold events and the occasional barbeque. For now, drinks are still served from the main bar. But an outdoor tap bar is in the works. Expect four to five beers, a couple of wines and one cocktail, Carwyn says. The new bar will bring the number of taps to 30 in total.

There’s always been an impressive selection of whiskies and bottled beers available. Starting out, the bar had around 200 whiskies and today has more than 280. “When we first opened it was just what we had in stock. It’s now its own collection, so a lot of what’s available [in the bar] won’t be for sale,” Carwyn says.

The same goes for the beers. For now, the bar has around 250 in bottles, but that number will rise to 340 once a new coolroom is installed.

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