Are you one of those diners who adore their meat but recoil at the sight of greying beef in your sandwich? Do you pick at your lunch in order to remove all traces of dodgy looking chook? If so, then it’s time to head into Bertie’s Butcher, the Richmond meat purveyors who are out to ensure your meaty lunches and dinners are no longer disasters.

Preparing sandwiches, salads, soups and ready-made meals in addition to all the other goods a butcher provides is a common practice in the UK and one that owner Darren Moncrieff has long wanted to introduce.

But this isn’t just some slapdash operation. He and chef Emily Bollinger insist upon maintaining the stringent values witnessed throughout the rest of the business. “We want to provide a convenient product to our customers without being tacky about it,” Bollinger says.

The meat in the pulled pork sandwiches (a signature piece) comes straight to your plate from the Greta Valley paddock, as does the Habbies Howe beef in the ready-made lasagnes. They are also not afraid to push the boundaries and have even tempted a few hungry customers with the tongue sandwich on offer.

“If two out of 10 are prepared to try it we are happy,” Moncrieff says with a grin. “They are learning about good meat and will hopefully come back to try more.”

Bertie’s Butcher
218 Swan Street, Richmond
(03) 9428 2655

Mon to Fri 9am–7pm
Sat 8am–3pm
Sun 10am–3pm