Based in Sydney, Campos Coffee is a pioneer of specialty coffee in Australia. What began as a small cafe in Newtown is now a big business with over 60 wholesale accounts in Sydney and a growing presence in Brisbane. As a result, Campos have out grown their boutique, independent cafe thing and have become a brand with an aggressive expansion plan.

Campos have finally arrived in Melbourne to stake some territory here with a handful of wholesale accounts and new Carlton cafe that opened last week. On Elgin Street, the space has been filled with some serious coffee equipment, including a La Mazzocco and a Slayer, as well as a roaster out back that they’re still waiting to fire up.

It certainly doesn’t feel like a cafe from Melbourne. It even kind of feels a little like, god forbid, a Starbucks. It’s clearly been built to handle volume; they’re expecting to make lots and lots of coffee.

Having said that, the coffee here is very good and will likely keep the Melbourne cafe crew looking over their shoulders. We’ll be interested to see how Campos develops here.