As a misbehaving high-school student, Julien Moussi’s teachers would ask him what sort of legacy he hoped to leave behind. He mightn’t have been able to answer then, but these days he can say he has brought superfoods and fried chicken together.

Moussi’s got plenty of hospitality cred: he’s part-owner of The Collective and Boss Pizzeria, and he heads up Camberwell’s My Other Brother. This time he’s partnered with Kristy-Lea Deva and Nicky Campbell (who doubles as executive chef) to open Legacy on Camberwell Road.

Positioned on the ground floor of an upmarket apartment complex, Legacy features a liberal use of red brick – on the floor, in the furniture and even as a feature wall. It’s a solid fit-out by designer Jean-Paul Ghougassian, and surprisingly bright considering the main materials used.

The menu is health-conscious with colourful variations on the usual suspects such as kale, açai and chia. There are raw superfood smoothies such as the protein-powdered Purple Paradise, with mango, blueberries and mint. Deva is adamant these ingredients aren’t there simply because they’re in fashion. “People are just more educated now,” she says.

“It’s healthy but approachable,” adds Moussi. Options such as the pulled pork, full cooked breakfast and fried chicken will ensure no stomach goes home empty. There are also doughnuts and pastries made on the premises.

A particular source of pride for the trio is their San Remo Opera coffee machine, designed by 2015 World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic. Its highly customisable features allow for a more consistent coffee, regardless of which barista is pushing the buttons. Single origin and filter coffees are by Small Batch, with a custom blend from Dimattina for the rest.

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Moussi has the eastern suburbs covered, and he’s not done yet. Already he has two more cafes opening in the coming months, one in Glen Iris and the other in Hughesdale.

347 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell
(03) 9041 1796

Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Sat & Sun 8am–4pm