Little Bean Blue is good news for speciality coffee enthusiasts who find themselves at the Spring Street end of the city. Just a stone’s throw from Parliament Station, this cafe is the newest addition to the Cafenatics family, a chain of cafes across the CBD serving more of a corporate suite.

Like their other venues, this new addition has been busy since its debut last week. This time around, Cafenatics have streamlined their approach so that the focus is purely on coffee, save for a small but sweet selection of pastries, biscuits and muffins.

The café features a various types and extractions of coffee, with the menu boasting a Little Bean Blue house blend and a host of single origins including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Carum Estate. From espresso at the La Marzocco to cold drip at the bench, the service is friendly and staff willing and able to help you with any coffee-related queries you have.

Situated across from the Hotel Windsor in a complex of business-lunch-friendly eateries in Little Collins Street, Little Bean Blue stands out for its sharply designed space, fit out and colour palette, which takes it cue from its name.

A wall of blackboards maps it out for customers, with diagrams of how your coffee gets to you and why it tastes so good. The long and lean shopfront means you can choose a nice blue stool at the bar, a table for two at the wall, or outdoor seating.

We’re hope that this new venture will really step it up for Cafenatics.

Little Bean Blue
15 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

Mon to Sat 6.30am–5pm