Finally, somewhere to take those weird-looking spirits and liqueurs in the back of your cupboard that you just don’t know what do with.

In a considerable display of confidence, one of Melbourne’s best cocktails bars, The Everleigh, is inviting you to rock up with a bottle of absolutely anything (drinkable). And they’ll make it work.

It’s a bold move from the Gertrude Street crew, known for its classic cocktails and refined, intimate setting.

The Everleigh’s events manager, Zara Young, says the point of the exercise is to take the bartenders out of their comfort zones – and onto the floor of the Elk Room with everyone else – and encourage some friendly competition.

“Bar tenders hate being out from behind the bar, it’s like their safety net,” she says.

“We do things quite specifically at the Everleigh, so we’re busily pimping out these little drink trolleys to carry all of our tools.”

Parties of between two and six people can sign up to the night for $45 each, before presenting their bottles to challenge and confound the bartenders. Remember it’s bottles only – leave your Vegemite at home.

After one hour of mixing, testing and drinking, half time will be called and people will be encouraged to swap bottles with others in the room.

Young says there’s likely to be some wacky combinations not normally seen at The Everleigh.

Sounds like the perfect chance to see what a pro would do with that bacon vodka you were given for your birthday, instead of going it alone.

BYO? Challenge the Bartender
$45 per person
Thursday November 13, 6.30–9.30pm and 9–11pm (two sittings)
Bookings are essential. Contact to reserve your place.