Since its beginnings in 2003, StreetSmart has raised more than $3 million to help Australia’s homeless via more than 800 grassroots charities it supports nationwide.

With its annual CafeSmart Day, coffee shops across the country donate $1 for every coffee sold. This means you can be charitable simply by getting your daily caffeine fix ... and the cafes will foot the bill. Of course, you’re welcome to dip into your pocket and match the donation yourself.

“The beauty of the events we put on,” explains StreetSmart director Adam Robinson, “is that we’re able to unite local communities in raising money, through micro-donations, for those who really need it.”

Choosing to only donate to small, local charities, Robinson is pleased to be raising awareness for some lesser-known projects that need support, while also creating discussion around the broader issue of homelessness. The money raised at each cafe goes to charities in the same area, meaning your money supports community projects near you.

Last year 275 cafes across Australia participated in CafeSmart, raising almost $84,000. Sixty-seven Victorian projects received funding, including Spade & Barrow, The Big Issue and Homelessness Action Group. To find a full list of who’s receiving funding visit the StreetSmart website.

With August 8 fast approaching, 164 cafes have already signed up. Among these there are 74 in Melbourne, including Auction Rooms, Dead Man Espresso, Footscray Milking Station, Sensory Lab and St Ali. Here's a list of all our favourite cafes, which have signed up and here's the list of all participating Melbourne cafes. If your local cafe isn’t there encourage it to sign up today.

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Most importantly this CafeSmart Day, make sure to go out of your way to grab a coffee from a participating cafe.

CafeSmart Day is Friday August 8. Discover more at, where you can also pledge to donations independently.