Jimmy Hurlston, the man known as “Jimmy's Burgers” has spent the past two years eating towering burgers and Instagraming them. He even wrote a book along the way.

Hurlston's latest project, with friend Jeremy Gaschk (previously of Silo, Two Birds One Stone) is a sprawling five-storey diner in Collingwood named Easey's. “I've been waiting a long time to find the right venue for a burger restaurant,” he says. “This one is something completely different. Until you go there, you won't understand it. You can't possibly.”

Why? The venue is being built inside End to End, that ITN Architects-designed marvel on Easey Street, which is crowned by three actual train carriages. Diners on the top floor will sit on original seats inside an old train carriage, enjoying views of Mount Dandenong and the city, while chowing down on fries, potato cakes, dim sims and doughnuts. The burgers will be just how Jimmy likes them: “Ruthless multiple patties with bacon and no vegetables.”

On the ground floor, a street-facing cafe and bar will churn out “serious” coffee, while out back, Rose Santos (of Smooth Blender fame) will run a wholefoods cafe named Caboose, serving smoothies, sushi and other raw fare. The remaining three levels will be dedicated to offices, kitchens and dining areas, with an industrial composter making the whole thing close to waste-free.

Easey's will open in December.

48 Easey Street, Collingwood