Bubble cups, a tea-based drink mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk, which originated in Taiwan in the 80s, have found their way up into The Toff. However, this particular incarnation of the drink however has the Curtin House venue written all over it, from the quality fresh ingredients and top shelf alcohol down to the Homer Simpson design cap.

A well-rounded vendor of fine and obscure tastes, The Toff has always dazzled Melbourne with its menu of cocktails, Thai food and offbeat disco music. The bubble cup cocktail nestles in nicely with this culture of ‘fun and fancy’.

Alexander, Daniel and Chiara Ippoliti, who pretty much run the show at the family bar, are the three amigos behind the blend, the motivation for which followed several journeys throughout Asia.

Hybrid-titled flavours such as Fruity Haiku and Bubble Colada suggest the blending of concepts. “The flavours and the bubble cups themselves reference the contemporary mix of Asian and Western pop cultures, which is such an important part of Melbourne's character,” offer the siblings.

There is a larger palette-driven purpose for the drinks within the family business. “The cocktail recipes compliment the Thai menu at The Toff and at Revolver, where the bubble cup cocktails will be introduced shortly.” Until then, the bubble cup cocktails, offered in five wild flavours, are now streaming from specially imported machines in both bars at The Toff.

Bubble cup cocktail flavours:

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Green Love: green tea-infused apple juice, plum wine, Jameson, fig and elderflower jelly.

Thai Dancing Spirit: whisky, lycee, ginger, green plum and pandan pearls.

Bubble Colada: white rum, coconut liqueur, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and pineapple jelly.

Fruit Haiku: shochu, sake, peach, oolong tea and vanilla pearls.

Happy Ending: almond-infused soymilk, bitters, vanilla vodka, Frangelico, toffee jelly.