The extension at the Alimentari in Fitzroy is good news for locals and regulars who know how busy this deli hotspot can get during the lunch rush. Owner Linda Jones says that extending into the new space (with a view to all the bustle of the kitchen) was an exercise in inclusion.

“We did a lot of structural work - other than cosmetics and we wanted the extension to reflect the deli in its feel - not become the forgotten or added-on back room. We didn’t want people to feel cut-off from the front, or forgotten. We really wanted to reflect the whole place.”

It seems she and partner, Chef Paul Jones (ex Benito’s and The European) have succeeded, with locals and regulars giving positive feedback on the new space that seats around twenty. Jones describes the addition as the ‘nerve centre’ of the building with its proximity to the busy kitchen.

But the best news yet is that there are plans to extend Alimentari trading hours to include dinner on a Friday and Saturday night. Evenings are immanent, with the prediction being that the new hours will commence in two weeks time, focusing on trattoria fare.

Brunswick Street Alimentari
251 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9416 2001