Summer is here, which means that most of us are looking for an icy treat to combat the heat. Two friends, Georgie Castle and Rochelle Seator, thought it was as good a time as any to launch Brunswick Blox – a new range of naturally-flavoured popsicles with some pretty quirky flavour combinations, all named fondly after streets around the neighbourhood.

Castle has been busy through winter with her raw chocolate range, Citizen Cacao, but felt that it was time to bring in summer with something new.

Bearing the names of their surrounding streets, the handmade ice blocks each have a unique taste and character. There’s The Lygon made with strawberry, rhubarb and basil, The Brunswick with roasted banana, yoghurt and honey (a best seller so far), the decadent Nicholson with dulce de leche, peanut butter and chipotle, plus three others in the range.

“For is about making something with as few ingredients as possible. We were drawn to the iceblock idea because of their endless colour and flavour possibilities,” says Castle.

“Being handmade, the best part is people are aware of what they eat, and in an ice block, that isn’t easy to find,” says Castle.

To kick off the Brunswick Blox this summer, Pope Joan is hosting an all-American backyard barbeque on Saturday December 21 from 5pm. At $25 a ticket, guests can enjoy an included barbeque feast and a Brunswick Blox as a soothing after-dinner treat.

Brunswick Blox can currently be found in freezers at Pope Joan and Hams and Bacon.