The world’s number one selling cocktail. That’s quite a statistic and a very telling reminder that the bad-boy of the summer drinking set has got something going for it; something extra special that the others lack. It has an aura of daring, and is often ordered at a slightly lower tone, as if the drinker’s committing some grave misdemeanour. It gives excitement, zest and a party vibe to even the lowliest sun-blest atmospheres.

There are a lot of rumours and hearsay about its origins and how best to make one, but at the end of the day the classic Margarita is no more than tequila, triple sec and lime with a salt rim.

Legendary cocktails require quality ingredients: all of them! To make a stunning Margarita all you need is to select a quality tequila; not one that says “gold” on the label or costs less than $30, but one that says 100% blue agave. Blanco tequila works best because it retains most of the raw material’s raffish nature, and that needs to be coupled with quality triple sec – look no further than Cointreau. To round out the magic equation, what remains is to add freshly squeezed lime juice and combine the correct proportions, which can be found below. Cover the rim of your coupette or cocktail glass with some quality salt too – Maldon or other epicurean salts.

Shake it up and strain into your glass. If you prefer to blend, ensure that the triple sec and tequila come from the freezer, and that you use only a small scoop of ice, or you’ll have a watery mess requiring loads of sugar, which equates to bad Margarita ju ju. Try the Tommies Margarita listed below too; its an interesting take on a classic.

Classic Margarita

50mls 100% blue agave tequila blanco (or reposado/anejo if you feel like being fancy)
25mls Cointreau
25mls fresh lime juice

Shake all with loads of ice and strain into a chilled, lightly salt-rimmed glass

Tommies Margarita

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60mls 100% blue agave tequila
30mls fresh lime juice
10mls agave nectar (available from health food shops)

Shake, as above.