Whether we enjoy our coffee long, short, black, white, filter, cold drip, single origin or the house blend, we Melburnians have nurtured a thriving specialist coffee culture.

And while we all have our favourite spots, are loyal to certain roasters and are particular about our precious orders, our habits can deter us from sampling the wealth of other coffee options out there. So on the occasion of the World Barista Championships and World Brewers Cup, which are taking place in conjunction with the upcoming Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), Broadsheet has created a map of the city’s top specialty coffee offerings for you to explore and enjoy.

With this map, we’re encouraging you to head out and really experience a scene that’s deservedly gained a great deal of international acclaim. Speciality coffee bars and cafes are now spread across the suburbs, so no matter where you are, you shouldn’t be far from somewhere serving a superior brew. Along with the upcoming events and competitions, it’s a chance to truly appreciate what’s being created here locally, with our top roasters, cafes and baristas showcasing their work to an international audience.

MICE opens on Thursday May 23 and runs until Sunday May 26. It’s your chance to set out on some small adventures, get involved in supporting a culture that has become so intrinsic to our lifestyle and perhaps unearth a few new favourites worth travelling to each morning.

The Broadsheet Specialty Coffee Map will be available as of Thursday May 23 around town and at MICE, or click here to download.