For five years, Broadsheet has told the stories of Melbourne’s cafes, bars and restaurants, connecting people to the places that have defined, and then redefined, the city’s dining and drinking culture.

Our restaurateurs, bartenders and cafe operators are among the best in the world. We think that’s something to celebrate, so with them, we’re opening The Broadsheet Restaurant.

Working with our favourite cafes, restaurants, bars and coffee roasters, we’re bringing you a restaurant experience that combines everything we love about dining in this city.

We’ve assembled a team of collaborators who are working to ensure that every element of the restaurant, from the interior to the furniture, the early-morning pastries to the late-night cocktails, represents the very best of Melbourne in one place.

For eight weeks this winter, The Broadsheet Restaurant will serve breakfast through to dinner and drinks into the night, 7am to 1am.

The Broadsheet Restaurant will open on June 5.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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