March is typically one of the busiest months on the Melbourne calendar. After the hump of summer and the new year’s first lull, March tends to hit you hard like slap around the chops as days feel shorter with every breath of wind. With March comes festival season: the [Melbourne Food and Wine Festival](( starts tomorrow, the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week begins next week, and to top it off, we’ve also just released the autumn print issue of Broadsheet. All good reasons to celebrate, no?

So naturally, we’ve got a lot dedicated to food and fashion in this issue. Hilary McNevin speaks to the man who is hot on our lips, David Chang, before he appears in several events for the MFWF and gives us a run down on what’s happening of over next 20 days of the festival, during which the city turns into a culinary wonderland. We’re also popping the cork on a bottle with Champagne Jayne while Virginia Millen chows down on burgers, dogs, ribs and fries as this American food trend continues to sprout up at diners across the city.

This issue we’ve put together a fashion dedicated lift out for LMFF, and have spoken to some bright designers embracing a vibrant aesthetic from fashion’s past. She is Frank has shot a sweet spread that’ll light up the room and we stop in to visit Toni Maticevski at his Yarraville Studio, where he is busy making women look flawless in the most elegant bespoke gowns.

Our cover story for this issue is on Aesop. Now 25 years in, this cosmetic company founded out of a small Armadale salon has redefined that way we think about luxury skin, body and hair-care. Now global players, they’re a company we admire on many levels and Dan Rule sat down with Product Advocate Suzanne Santos, who has been at the helm from the start.

But before we give too much away, why not get yourself a copy to read over a drink down at The Broadsheet Bar, presented by Schweppes for MFWF. They’re also available, as usual, at all good cafes and shops listed in our directory from Monday 5 March.