We’re about half way through our 11 day stint at the Broadsheet Cafe, and there's been such a great response from everyone.

We’ve had lines right through the cafe and out the door, so it’s clear we’re not the only ones enjoying it. So far Seven Seeds, Five Senses, Dead Man Espresso, Market Lane and The Premises have each been in for a day. Seven Seeds are back behind the machine today, churning out coffees like pros again.

Pastries by Baker D Chirico are there at 7am for those in need of a croissant with their cuppa, and LuxBite macarons are ready for your sweet tooth at any time of day. Earl Canteen sandwiches are flying out the door at lunch.

If you haven’t been in yet, or even if you have, here’s what’s to look forward to over the next five days:

Thu 10 - Five Senses
Fri 11 - Proud Mary
Sat 12 - Dead Man Espresso
Sun 13 - Proud Mary
Mon 14 - Market Lane

The Broadsheet Cafe will run from March 4 to 14 at 24 Crossley Street, Melbourne. Open 7am-6pm daily.