To make sure you get the best selection of coffee in one week, head down to the Broadsheet Cafe as of next Friday (March 4). Compare roasts, blends and flavours from one day to the next, there'll be a different coffee operator with their beans and baristas in there each time you return. Here's the schedule:

Broadsheet Cafe Operator Schedule:

Fri 4 - Seven Seeds
Sat 5 - Five Senses
Sun 6 - Dead Man Espresso
Mon 7 - Market Lane
Tue 8 - The Premises
Wed 9 - Seven Seeds
Thu 10 - Five Senses
Fri 11 - Proud Mary
Sat 12 - Dead Man Espresso
Sun 13 - Proud Mary
Mon 14 - Market Lane

Broadsheet Access members get special tables at busy restaurants, tickets to exclusive events and discounts on food, coffee, brand offers and more.

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The Broadsheet Cafe will run from March 4-14 at 24 Crossley Street, Melbourne.
Open 7am - 6pm daily.