In the midst of this particularly cold snap, we're spending a lot more time indoors – ordering one more coffee, one more piece of cake – delaying the inevitable of heading back outdoors for as long as possible.

To help keep you further entertained indoors, we've just published our latest quarterly print issue, which is now available to pick up for free at cafes, restaurants, shops, bars and galleries all around Melbourne.

In our cover story, we meet the chefs and restaurateurs who are leading an exciting new wave of meat-free dining that is highly ambitious and shows some actual teeth.

Also in this issue (and on the other end of the meat scale), Katya Wachtel wades into our repulsion at blood, bone and gore and asks: if the rest of the world is eating it, why aren’t we?

This winter, MONA is hosting Private Archaeology, the first major survey of Marina Abramović’s work in Australia, happening in conjunction with her live performance residency in Sydney. Dan Rule speaks to the exhibition curators to understand the significance of the artist’s volatile 40-year career.

Cam O’Keefe shows us why (goon sacks aside) we shouldn’t be wary of wine that comes out of a tap, while Miriam Kauppi seeks out the bars where you can order a decent drink without booze. We also meet the man making some of the world’s best ice for your cocktails, right here in Melbourne.

And deep in suburbia, Lucille Wong spent a day eating her way through Box Hill, tucking into crispy roast duck, xiao long bao and colourful Malaysian sweets.

There’s lots to get out and do this winter – including The Broadsheet Restaurant, which is now open at 166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. We can’t wait to see you there.