In Sydney, they’re known as one of the city’s finest bakers, supplying cafes, restaurants and providores with their wares. Now it’s our turn to get a taste down south, with Brasserie Bread coming to Melbourne.

Baking begins on October 13, with a wholesale operation leading into a cafe and baking school opening in early November. In the meantime, the starter has arrived (after a road trip through country Victoria and being fed twice daily on the way) and baking tests will help the bakers determine how our city’s weather and temperatures will impact on the loaves coming out of the ovens.

Head baker Michael Klausen started baking his signature sourdough over a decade ago at Bayswater Brasserie. The bread became so popular that the standalone bakery followed and he’s excited to expand to Melbourne, where our love of good bread will be sure to test his skills. Toast anyone?

Brasserie Bread opens at 150 Thistlethwaite Street, South Melbourne in early November.

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