From one of the owners of The Hardware Societé comes Bowery to Williamsburg, a cafe with a New York state of mind. Setting up shop amongst restaurant royalty like Coda and Chin Chin, William Kesser, Boston Parker and Shaun Williams have made themselves a new home on Oliver Lane.

This homage to New York’s Bowery subway station is set up to transport you to an all-American destination. The sturdy hand railings, copper pipes and carrara marble, along with chalk boards and durable timber combines the industrial feel of a subway, the efficiency of an American canteen and the level of sophistication that Melbourne food enthusiasts have come to expect from their cafe experience.

To make ordering easy – and as an ode to the American dining hall – Bowery offers lunch sets to eat in or take away, including a sandwich of your choice, plus a side, pretzels and a pickle. Sweet tooths can enjoy house-made pies of pecan, sour cherry or pumpkin along with Pat and Stick’s ice cream sandwiches.

Although the New York-style food is approached with the utmost authenticity, Melbourne coffee will not be taking a backseat. With two Slayer coffee machines operating side-by-side, baristas will be pumping out espresso and brewing French press coffee using Brunswick’s own Padre beans.

The venue can seat 50, with a large communal table inside and undercover cafeteria-style tables outside. There is a designated takeaway coffee area and room on the stairs for casual coffee sipping or for quickly scoffing a 5 & Dime bagel before rushing off to your next destination.

It’s hard to deny the influx of Americana into our food culture, and Bowery to Williamsburg is certainly the city coffee shop that both wannabe New Yorkers and Melburnians alike have been waiting for.

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne
(03) 9077 0162

Mon to Fri 7.30am-3.30pm