Bosozoku”, which translates to “running out of control” refers to Japanese bikie groups with a penchant for removing mufflers so their machines make more noise.

Bosozoku (the bar, not the bikies) is the latest instalment from the team behind Bird Watching Society, Yoko Ono and Pawn & Co. As the name suggests, it’s definitely not a 15-course omakase kind of joint.

Secret sake stations, karaoke rooms, pool tables, glittered motorbike helmets and, wait for it, a dry-ice onsen, is just some of the madness the bar has in store. Picture a clubhouse by way of Akira.

What was once an old teppanyaki restaurant now serves “bubbly cup cocktails” and sake-infused drinks. Co-owner Craig Kellerman describes his new project as a “fine-dining burger joint with a Japanese underground, adults-only kind of twist”.

Burgers are served on beetroot, matcha and black-bean buns. Those who – as Kellerman puts it – “still love a burger but want to avoid the bread” can try the Bosozuko’s bento burger, a deconstructed, carb-less and entirely gluten-free burger, served in a box instead of a bun.

The group has deliberately positioned the bar off Chapel Street's "beaten track" and plans to make Bosozoku "the Japanese biker-club hangout that Melbourne didn't know it needed".

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Need it or not, Bosozoku is due to open on June 29, serving all-day, six days a week.

Helmets on, people.

34 Bray St, South Yarra