The Reading Room Cafe’s concept as a campus coffee stop is a mix of cafe and library culture. Beans, books and typewriters are displayed on shelves along a wall. Patrons are invited to take a book from the shelf and replace it with one of their own and power points are provided for students to work both inside and out.

Having previously worked at St Ali and Sensory Lab, owner Eleena is sourcing her specialty beans from Sensory Lab’s roasters.

The food display is warm and inviting, and the seasonal menu has delightfully bookish titles with offerings for peckish students on breaks from class. Those looking for a light breakfast before class can go with Wuthering Heights of muesli and yoghurt, while the Pick Me Up, Please lunchbox solves the problem for students on the go, with a sandwich, fruit, brownie and a Berocca.

Reading Room Cafe also offers a catering service to small and large functions.

Reading Room Cafe
Building P, Victoria University (Footscray Park campus)
(03) 9919 4091

Hours Mon–Fri 8am–3pm