We’re excited by food in this town. This year, we’re celebrating it in a new way. Broadsheet Melbourne Food takes you inside the city's incredible bakeries, delis, markets, butchers, bottle shops and much more to create the essential guide to incredible produce. Full of inside knowledge and tips, we've crossed town to cover everything from household names to hidden gems.

Over 140 beautifully-designed pages, the book shows you exactly where to find Melbourne's best, while sharing the ingredients, people and places that make eating and cooking such a joy.

Striking photographs evoke the vital part that food plays in our culture, and some of our favourite locals guide chapters on everything from stocking your pantry to kid-friendly dinner parties. We’re truly excited to launch a new book for anyone who loves making the most of what Melbourne has to offer.

This book isn’t about who has the best fit-out or the biggest buzz. Rather, it’s a handbook filled with secrets to the city. We’ll show you where to source the same fish as Australia’s best restaurant, and where to buy the knife to slice it with.

Where can you go for the largest range of sake? Who bakes the best sourdough in Melbourne? Which shop stocks that random cooking implement you need for that recipe you’ve been meaning to try? We’ve got you covered.

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Broadsheet Melbourne Food is also about the stories of some of our city’s most reliable, consistently impressive suppliers and cooks, from a literal cheese scholar to the fishmonger who shuttles 15 tonnes of seafood each week between restaurants such as Attica and Estelle.

Take Olivia Sutton, who grew up on King Island – a pretty handy start for anyone entering the cheese industry. But she also spent time working in Dublin’s exemplary Sheridans Cheesemongers in Ireland before founding Harper & Blohm in Melbourne. Her pretty Essendon shop is filled with a range of mouldy wonders, from Red Hill blue to raw-milk creations from Bruny Island.

Theo Zahos, meanwhile, left the Greek island of Euboea in 1960. He set up Aptus Seafood shortly after. You can still spot Zahos behind the counter of this South Melbourne Market stalwart from time to time, but his son Angelo now runs the show, bringing in Tasmanian salmon, live abalone and sashimi-grade tuna to loyal customers both long-time and new.

In fact, many of our best providores began life someplace else. Giorgio Linguanti was raised in the Sicilian town of Syracuse. It wasn't until he got a job in a cheese factory when he arrived in Australia that he discovered his great love: bocconcini. At his Thomastown shop That’s Amore, the little white globules are available fresh, hand-pulled and hand-moulded using the morning’s milk.

You’ll also find grocers, delis, bakeries, butchers and bottle shops, which all have their own specialities and stories. Another section covers cook and tableware, and still another deals with Melbourne’s best markets and which stalls to visit when you get there.

There’s also help for when you get that produce home. Jamie and Loren McBride of Gilson, Primo and Mammoth offer tips on how to make a stress-free lunch for friends, even if there are kids in the mix; the owners of Nora, Jean Thamthanakorn and Sarin Rojanametin share their perfect breakfast at home, complete with cooking tips.

“I don’t really eat out,” says Rojanametin. “I just love cooking at home because: one, I get to cook different stuff and two, it’s just nice. It’s relaxing for me.”

Broadsheet Melbourne Food will ensure your own home-cooked meal is the best it can be. And, that no matter where you are in the city, you’ll be eating the best of the best.

Broadsheet Melbourne Food is available now at shop.broadsheet.com.au, along with Broadsheet Sydney Food, and in your local bookstore soon.