Sometimes all you want is something quick and easy for lunch, just a simple sandwich is all you require. You left your lunchbox on the kitchen bench and you don’t have time to sit in a cafe and wait while emails pile up in your inbox. So comes Melbourne’s new cafe concept, Bon A Manger (Bon for short).

You are probably familiar with ‘Pret a Manger’ in London serving what is basically 'healthy fast food', as in prepackage sandwiches, salads and soups. Well, Bon is Melbourne’s very own version, with plans to expand similarly, but for now is just one small spot.

Long gone are the days of the lack of fresh food options for city dwellers for breakfast and lunch. The stakes are high now and Bon has ex-Longrain chef Mitchell Townrow in the kitchen and are using Dukes coffee beans. Sandwiches include favourites such as the Super Club Sandwich and Green Salad, but there are some more interesting options like the Blue Cheese Salad and the Strawberry and Cream Cheese, all between bread.

Ideal for sustenance on the run, you can also dine-in at the small polished concrete space on the corner of Hardware Lane and Little Bourke, with walls adorned by art from Metro Gallery.