In the days leading up to Meredith and Golden Plains, slabs of drinkable tinnies vanish from Melbourne bottle shops like toilet paper from supermarkets in the midst of global pandemic.

And given most festivals have a zero-glass policy, five-litre boxes of Fruity Lexia suddenly take on a new appeal for frazzled festival-goers in need of last-minute booze. (Plus, the empty sack can be blown up for a makeshift pillow.)

It’s an option. It’s not a good option.

That’s why Blackhearts & Sparrows is now selling gussied-up goon that’s the perfect size for festivals, picnics, or floating in the pool.

Dubbed the “Happy Sack”, the 1.5-litre bag of rosé is a 2019 blend of non-traditional varieties, including arneis and zibbibo, from the Adelaide Hills by Blackhearts co-founder Paul Ghaie and ex-employee Alex Barty.

“We saw an opportunity to utilise some under-appreciated varieties. And we wanted to make sure we could get something out there that was made the right way, as opposed to the over-processed nonsense that we’re accustomed to with traditional bags-in-boxes,” says Barty.

“Also, by cutting down on the traditional bottled wine production costs, we were able to get great juice out at a really affordable price.”

The result is 15.4 standard drinks at $32 and it comes in a fancy bag with finger holes for an easy pour into a plastic cup (or your mate’s mouth on the dancefloor).

Happy Sacks are currently available at Blackhearts’ Melbourne stores in Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Kensington, Brunswick, East Brunswick, Abbotsford, Prahran, Richmond, Windsor and the CBD.

They’ll soon be at the interstate stores in Hobart and Canberra as well. There’s also a new blend on the way.

More information here.