It’ll be one year tomorrow since Fitzroy institution Bimbo Deluxe closed its doors following a fire in an upstairs office. Bimbo was famous for its $4 pizzas, and fans of the bar were gutted.

Now it’s reopening, with a shorter name, new seating arrangements and the same price tag on its pizzas.

Following the fire management promised they would “BRB with a less charred fit-out”, and now it’s finally happening.

Bimbo (now without the “Deluxe”) is opening next week, on Wednesday May 22.

The pizzas are still $4, but there’s a new menu in the works. Other changes include booth seating and new artworks. There will be murals around the bar by artists Celeste Mountjoy (also known as Filthy Ratbag), Elliott Routledge, and Los Angeles-based Kristen Liu Wong. The fit-out is being handled by Rabindra Naidoo, former owner of the now closed but still iconic nightclub Honkytonks.

There will also be a permanent roster of events every week, including an acoustic music night, trivia and an open talent night. Sundays will be dedicated to the queer community with the inclusive Queer Deluxe beginning in June.

Bimbo Deluxe first opened in 2002 and has since become a Fitzroy favourite. People flocked in for the cheap pizzas, and stayed for the rooftop beer garden, decorated with strings of lanterns.