If there is one scent that could characterise Australia in summer, it has to be that of the barbecue. And rather than cooking it hot and fast, we’re taking a slow approach, dragging it out, cooking it low. To help us out, founder and head chef of Big Boy BBQ, Lance Rosen, has given us a recipe to fancy up the grill this Australia Day weekend. Try this finger-licking mop recipe to baste you meat in and some helpful tips on home smoking.

Basic Mop for Pork, Fish or Chicken

500ml apple cider vinegar
20g garlic salt
15g chilli powder (optional)
40ml ketchup
5g paprika
1 lemon sliced

Whisk all ingredients together. Use to baste your meats either on a grill, in the oven or in a smoker. The basic rule is to brush the meat with the mop each time you turn it.

The recipe is also good as a pulled pork dressing.

Smoking your meat is an alternative to grilling or roasting and you can achieve the same authentic smoky flavours we create at the restaurant at home too. Here are my recommendations:

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Smoking tips
1. Low and slow is the way to go
2. Smoke is an ingredient, not the main attraction
3. DO NOT soak wood chips or wood
4. Start with your meats cold from the fridge and pat dry as the smoke won't hold onto a wet product
5. Where possible, use fruit woods
6. Rest your meats wrapped in a good quality plastic wrap – if you want to keep the meats hot for a fewhours, store in an esky without cold packs
7. To avoid tearing the meats, slice with an electric meat slicer
8. Season the meats with a little barbecue rub spice mix
9. If you didn't get any of the barbecue on you then you are not doing it right
10. Drool… Do it all over again

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