This Thursday sees another Best of Dessert night at Cafe Rosamond. As he does one night a week, pastry chef Pierre Roelofs channels his 18 years of experience from various Michelin starred restaurants – not to mention his seemingly endless creative energy – into the little 22-seater cafe on a Fitzroy side street.

The chef rolls out three new desserts and one of his dessert tubes every Thursday night. This is no mean feat, especially when you consider the high standards the ‘dessert deconstructionist’ keeps at the wonderfully low-profile Rosamond. Some of the plates can take up to four days to prepare, and arrive with descriptions like “coffee meringue with dark chocolate grains, pineapple, and pasta filled with mascarpone and topped with gold leaf”.

The Best of Dessert night is held every three months and as the name suggests, revisits the best desserts from the previous three months that were once fated to perhaps never appear on our plates again. If we are doing our maths correctly, that makes it about 36 desserts and 12 dessert tubes that the worthy few are selected from.

It is likely that one of the worthy few this Thursday will be the semolina, golden syrup, marmalade and macadamia or perhaps the profiterole and apple strudel tubes. Choose from one course ($20), two ($30) or three ($40) courses, or a dessert tube ($9). There is a strict no bookings policy, so arrive early to avoid the queue of eager dessert buffs and secure a place.

Best of Dessert Night for July takes place this Thursday (July 21) at Cafe Rosamond in Fitzroy from 7pm.

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