Sometimes Sunday mornings roll around and the last thing you feel like doing is leaving the house for your favourite cup of coffee. Maybe it’s raining. Maybe you don’t want to spend the money. Maybe you just don’t want to get dressed.

For years you’ve been able to pick up beans from your favourite local roaster at their stores or online. (Axil Coffee Roasters, Dukes Coffee Roasters, St Ali and Market Lane Coffee all do this.)

But there are now more ways to have the good stuff at home, from specialty pods to subscriptions.

Three Thousand Thieves

These guys send a different blend to your mailbox each month. For $25 you’ll be sampling some of the country’s finest blends with a new featured roaster every month. Along with your delivery of beans you get a booklet explaining the breakdown of your brew, as well as a recipe instructing you how to get the best coffee experience. Three Thousand Thieves’ new initiative, Tiny Batch, is all about bringing smaller roasters who produce short, high-quality runs to you at home. The bags are priced close to cost, and since each run is only 50 kilograms at a time, you’ll need to get in quick. Even if you really like it, you can’t order it again – that’s how exclusive these runs are.

Seven Seeds

Melbourne is full of good coffee but a number of places sit above the rest, and Seven Seeds is undeniably among them. The roaster’s subscription service, Source & Supply, gives you a choice between a different single origin coffee every fortnight ($18 for 250 grams), or a consistent blend each delivery ($16 for 250 grams).

Pod and Parcel

Every day Australians consume 2.5 to 3 million coffee capsules – those little pods in Nespresso machines. For a non-recyclable product, that’s a serious amount of plastic going to landfill. One Melbourne company wanted to combine coffee that Melburnians love with the simplicity of a pod, while also addressing the pollution issue. Pod and Parcel makes pods filled with coffee from roasters such as Streat, Code Black, Padre Coffee and Common Ground, packed into 100 per cent biodegradable capsules.

Padre Coffee

Padre’s Fresh Crop Subscription gives you the chance to try the single origin coffee that Padre’s roasters are most excited about, every fortnight. You can choose an Espresso Roast, Filter Roast or a Mixed Subscription (a bag of each roast style – filter and espresso – for if you have a stovetop and a pourover at home). All of our coffees (and coffee subscription) can be ground for any brew method, or whole beans. t) beginning at $30 for 500 grams per two weeks. The coffee comes with key information about where it’s from, its producer and how it was grown and processed. Padre also sends a special educational card for you to fill out so you can develop your brewing and tasting skills.

Sensory Lab

Sensory Lab has launched two varieties of its Beta Blend in pod form. The 0.1 is an experimental blend that tastes of dark milk chocolate, caramel and red fruit jam. The 0.2 tastes of grape, milk chocolate and citrus.

Future Coffee

While not for the home, Future Coffee is all about bringing people at work together over a quality brew. The organisation, started by social entrepreneur James Murphy, encourages colleagues to share a plunger coffee at work and have a conversation as a result. The idea is to help workers take a pause during the day by sharing a pot with a peer. Roasted locally in Melbourne, a bag of Future Coffee makes approximately 40 cups. That’s 40 excuses to take a break, relax, and enjoy a well-needed hit of caffeine with your colleagues.