We’re now in the midst of Good Beer Week and some unusual brews are being tapped.

Beer Mimics Food returns, as does chef Andrew McConnell (Cumulus Inc, Cutler & Co, Supernormal) now taking part for a second year running. This time he’s joined by comedian Mick Molloy. Both made the trip to Sydney’s 4 Pines Brewing Company for a hands-on brew day to each create a special, culinary-inspired creation.

Molloy’s Anzac Biscuit Stout is dark but not too heavy. It’s easy to drink and well rounded. Being true to the biscuit, the sweet flavours of golden syrup are easily recognisable. Oats were also used in the brewing process but that flavour is harder to pick up.

McConnell’s adventurous offering of Asian-inspired XO Sauce Ale uses many of the sauce’s ingredients, such as dried scallops, garlic and chilli. This beer is fresh, light and sessionable. As you sip it, hints of ginger shine through and you’re left with a subtle tingling of chilli on the palate.

Both beers came out exceptionally well, and if you step inside the Builders Arms Hotel this week you may find McConnell, Molloy and the gents from 4 Pines merrily enjoying their creations at the bar.

But get in quick to have a taste. These are one-off brews and will only last until the supply runs dry (approximately one week).

Anzac Biscuit Stout and XO Sauce Ale are now available at the Builders Arms Hotel.

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