There’s a rumour gone viral about a new food truck – the Taco Truck - brought to you by the same man who started Beatbox Kitchen, Raph Rashid, who has two of the best food trucks outside of the United States.

Strategically placed near a park in your neighbourhood, in a music festival or at the Rooftop Bar, the Beatbox Kitchen and it's creator, Raph, is known for a religious-like passion for making the best burgers around. And if this history is anything to go by, one can only imagine what his tacos will be like - simple and fresh, just like his burgers.

With a growing number of Raph’s food truck followers, the Taco Truck will be a welcome addition to the fleet, with colourful truck graphics designed by his wife, artist Beci Orpin. The maiden voyage saw people queuing for fish, beef and veg tacos out the front of The Compound Interest, where The First Show was opened at PinUp project space.

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Here's a video by Tim Hillier on the making of the Taco Truck.

Taco Truck - Making Of from Timothy Hillier on Vimeo.

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