In a refreshing change from the glitzy, over-publicised openings that usually accompany the city’s new bars, Bar Americano – the new offering from the Der Raum team – simply opened its doors last night and began serving from a succinct list of Italian aperitivo-inspired drinks.

The daytime trade began today with a stream of those in the know popping in for an espresso with something on the side. The talented Burch and Purchese have provided a collection of custom sweets and there is a small food list, including daily soups and bruschetta for those feeling a little peckish.

Bar Americano brings with it a serious approach to espresso and cocktail drinking and will likely help to transform post work drinking culture in the city. Based on the buzz around the traps, it’s likely that they’ll have a line around the corner tonight for their first tilt at the Friday after work crowd, with a host of folks keen to jostle for position inside the small space.

For our money, we’ll take an Americano to start, progress to a Chicago fizz and slam a quick espresso before rushing out the door again. It seems the proper etiquette, when in Rome…

Bar Americano
20 Presgrave Place,

Mon 7am-4pm
Tue - Sat 7am-11pm