Bar Americano is another newcomer to have made its mark on Melbourne in a very short time. From the team behind Der Raum, it’s a humble looking place that offers much more than your typical neighbourhood bar.

Open for a little less than a year, the bar takes its inspiration from the prohibition-era “American Bars” catering to Americans travelling to Europe to sip some of the banned sweet stuff. It’s an all-day affair that begins with strictly no-milk coffees knocked back Italian-style at the bar, continues with food offerings such as panino throughout the day and moves into the evening with apertivo-style drinks, prepared by knowledgeable bartenders.

The simplicity of Bar Americano is both what sets it apart and what makes it so great. It’s a tiny little nook tucked away in a quiet corner of the city with little more than a few stools and not much standing room. But we like that these guys are doing something different and doing it their own way.

Tonight at The Broadsheet Bar, Bar Americano will be continuing in this tradition with three simple, but tasty beverages. The Toredor combines blanco tequila, apricot brandy and fresh lime juice; the Hanky Panky is an intriguing mix of gin, Antica Formula and Fernet Branca; while the Americano is a classic Italian apertivo with a secret recipe that the team refuses to divulge.

Sounds tasty to us.

The Broadsheet Bar
234 Flinders Lane, Melboune