After trekking around the world for seven years, owners David Weinberg and Ricky Lam wanted to bring a taste of each of their favourite countries back to Melbourne and hence Bao Now! was born.

The food concept is unique to say the least. It takes well-known dishes from across the globe and fuses them together to bring about something completely new. A traditional bao (steamed bun) filled with familiar flavours like cheesecake may sound strange, but it works.

Choosing from the menu is exciting, as you don’t quite know what to expect. With uncommon options like the buffalo chicken san choy baos, cheese and bacon bao buns and Mexican pork rice bowls, it is like visiting countless cultures with each bite.

The meals are healthy and there are several choices for vegetarians and the gluten intolerant. Brown rice is used in the rice bowls, the buns are made with non-bleached flour and the san choy baos are low in carbs.

Weinberg also owns an online bakery called Ribbons and Bows, which comes in handy when perfecting the contrasting flavours on the menu.

The interior is clean and modern, with the steaming varieties of buns on display as the main feature. It is best for take away, however there is a small dining area to accommodate those who would like to sit down and indulge.

Bao Now! offers something new to the Australian food market and with upcoming flavours like turkey and cranberry bao for Christmas, it definitely beats a regular sandwich or sushi roll at lunchtime.

Bao Now!
119 Hardware Street, Melbourne
(03) 9670 6394

Mon to Fri 11am–5pm