Cosmo Hawke and Lucien Kolff may sound like two names that belong on a poster for an 80s blockbuster action film, but in reality these two men are the coffee-obsessed minds behind the new espresso and cold brew haven, Badger Vs Hawk.

Opening earlier this year as a café distilled down to the basics, Badger Vs Hawk serves filtered coffee, espresso and its variations, as well as Hawke’s own creation, Machete, a bottled cold-drip coffee that now has a minor cult following. Don’t wander in looking for a lunchtime sandwich though – it’s coffee and coffee only here during the day.

Nights, however, are a different story. The duo have just acquired a liquor licence, meaning we can enjoy whatever autumn sunshine remains out in the courtyard, cocktail in hand, then stay on until after dark. Friday nights are given over to Wow and Flutter, where from 5pm local DJs Ben Houghton, Mike Kay and Oscar-O hit the decks along with a regular slew of special guests on rotation.

By evening in the courtyard, there are pulled-pork tacos to snack on, while for the more liquid-inclined there’s local beers, cocktails and the house-speciality Machete Libre. Just what that is? You’ll have to visit to find out.

Badger Vs Hawk
333 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
Enter from Flanigan Lane after 5pm

Cafe, Mon to Fri 7am–4pm
Bar, Wed to Sat 4pm–10pm