Come lunchtime in most cities, the ability to choose between authentic Italian pastas, steaming bowls of pho or dumplings in Chinatown is simply out of the question. Indeed, the diversity of Melbourne’s food culture comes as quite a shock to most non-locals.

No one was more pleasantly surprised with Melbourne’s big epicurean heart than Alicia Twohill, founder of Babes On Grill, whose life was forever transformed by those eclectic long lunches in the city.

Since moving to Melbourne from Canberra six years ago, Twohill has transformed her delicious home-style meals into a flourishing pop-up business, teaming her assortment of barbecued delights with a delightful team of babes.

The menu features a range of tasty, bite-size sliders and hamburgers. She’s especially proud of the Japanese barbecue chicken slider – a marinated chicken roll with sesame seeds, kewpie mayonnaise, wasabi and cabbage slaw.

While the chicken slider is a lasting crowd favourite, Twohill prides herself on being able to provide food for any event, so Babes On Grill is constantly updating and changing their menu to meet specific needs.

Duran Duran and too much white wine is the story behind the name, or as Twohill explains, “Girls on Film, became Babes On Grill.”

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Over the next few months, Babes On Grill is popping up at Atticus Finch in Brunswick on October 14 and at George Lane bar in St Kilda on November 3.

For any enquiries about booking Babes On Grill for an event please email